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Which is the Best Time to Visit Manila?

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Peak Season: 

Manila is hot and humid all year round, creating it a well-liked destination for tourists. The busiest time of year is from Dec to May therefore cheap flights to Manila are tougher to come by. It’s also when Manila is most packed. the value of your flights tickets may also fluctuate and increase throughout annual events or festivals, like the Feast of the Black Nazarene in January, therefore ensure you book your flights to Manila as early as you’ll be able to to secure a cheap ticket. The second week of April sees the Cocoa de Flores, or Chocolate and Flowers and shouldn’t be missed if you’re travel to Manila around then.

Off Season:

Due to the pleasant weather Manila doesn’t suffer from an off season too much, although you’ll find the cheapest flights to Manila between June and September. This is typically the typhoon season and sees the most rainfall.

When is the best time to book a flight to Manila?

You’ll find the cheapest flight deals in May or June, although March and April are only slightly more expensive. We recommend you to book your flights to Manila well in advance if you intend to visit during an event or festival to avoid paying through the roof on your flight tickets.
You’ll find the best deals on flight tickets if you can be flexible with your dates. If you don’t have your heart set on any specific period or date then you can find cheap flights to Manila. If you are governed by work or the school holidays, then try to book your flights to Manila for the Christmas period or early January as you’ll get warm and dry weather and if you secure your flight tickets early enough, the cost should be quite fair too.

How long is the flight to Manila?

Flights from London to Manila: 13 hours 05 minutes
Flights from Manchester to Manila: 13 hours 10 minutes
Flights from Birmingham to Manila:13 hours 10 minutes
Flights from Glasgow to Manila: 13 hours 00 minutes