15 Reasons to Visit Manila

15 Top Reason to visit Manila

1. Spanish Heritage:
Philippines being the only Spanish colony in Asia make it a bit special. Unfortunately, during WWII Battle of Manila it suffered near complete destruction of Intramuros, the historic core of Manila. Some architecture still stands today and gives a glimpse of Spanish Colonial architecture like San Agustin Church (The only building left intact during Battle of Manila WWII).
Fort Santiago is the main tourist attraction and also one of the main historic attractions in Manila. Intramurus has been restored faithfully and visitors can enjoy relaxed and peaceful environment compare to hectic city life of Manila.

2. Manila Bay:
Manila bay, a natural harbour is strategically located near Manila and serves the port of manila. It is also known as “the best sunset bay in the world” due to gorgeous sunset and friendly people. You will also find restaurants serving different cuisines which complement the whole experience. It’s a must watch spot in Manila.

3. Karaoke:
Like in Japan karaoke is very famous in Philippines. It started during 70s and now has become a central part of pop culture in Philippines. There is no better way to spend weekend with your friends at favourite Karaoke Bar. The best way to enjoy karaoke it in Pilipino House but if you don’t know any locals you can spend your night at some favourite places like Music 21 Plaza and Red Box Karaoke.

4. Jeepneys:
Elongated, exclusive jeeps with aesthetic hues like never seen anyplace. The owner adores their jeepney and is the most ideal vehicle to go around town in style. The routes can be dubious to work out — you might not go to your desired place — yet jumping on board one is the most ideal approach to have conversation with local people and plunge into genuine living.

5. Food:
There are plenty of restaurants serving awesome and delicious food in Manila. One of the famous names is Max’s Fried Chicken which has long been a staple of Filipino family celebrations. Today, innovation and creativity of passionate chefs are giving Filipino Cuisine a new spectrum of taste and must be tried if you love creativity in your food.

6. Museum:
Manila has world class museums covering a range of themes. Visit San Agustin Church for a wonderful walk back in time, Ayala Museum for the history of Philippines, Art in Island for amazing arts and many more. Manila has a rich history and different phases can be experienced visiting museums here.

7. Carlos Celdran
By a wide margin the city’s most popular guide, Carlos Celdran arrange dramatic visits around historic Intramuros that gives a glimpse of often-tragic history of Manila. The “performance” goes through the Spanish, American, Japanese and post-war times, tosses in riotous cross-town pedicab races and sets the passionate compass swinging from ghastliness to giggling.

8. Rizal Park
Rizal Park is the considerable social spot of the Philippines. Anybody dubiously well known gets a tribute statue here in the long run and it’s the default venue for enormous outdoors shows and political demos. The Chinese Garden, Japanese Garden and National Museum are inside its limits and worth a look however the genuine euphoria is in the people-viewing. Rizal Park swarms with picnickers, kite-flyers, joggers and kissing couples.

9. Hotel H2O
If you prefer your hotels on the quirky side, the H2O is one great oddity. The Ocean Park’s complex inward-facing rooms have aquariums instead of windows. If you prefer your walls with clownfish swimming up and down them, this is perfect. Otherwise, get an outward-facing room so you can open the curtains to view sea lions performing for a packed arena. As for the sound and light show in the evening, you’re pretty much a part of it.

10. A very odd golf course
Amongst Intramuros and Rizal Park lies one of the world’s more absurd golf courses. Incorporated with the previous channel around the walled city, the Club Intramuros Golf Course offers the opportunity to mis-hit drives into the walls while roars to the next side. Different dangers to dodge incorporate a place of worship tucked inside a cavern to the side of the fairway and the strolling families attempting to cross the street.

11. Taal Lake

A simple day outing toward the south of Manila, Taal Lake is a lake within a volcano within a lake within a volcano. That is less muddled when you arrive. From the highest point of the edge of the Taal Volcano, you move down to the lake where local people utilize their fishing boats to convey guests to the island. The island — itself an unsuppressed volcano— is home to 60 minutes in length strolling trail that takes you to another crater rim. From that point, the view down to the lake are breathtaking. Touts will attempt to offer a ride on a knackered, skinny stallion however you’re best to oppose their offers and handle the track all alone. It begins at the upper left corner of the solid b-ball court.

12. American Cemetery and Memorial

Maintained by the American Battle Monuments Commission, this giant and utterly sobering cemetery is the largest of its kind in the world. Covering 62 hectares, 17,202 who died during World War II are buried here, while the names of 36,285 whose bodies were never found are etched on the memorial walls. It’s a peaceful sea of crosses and Jewish stars that sweeps in circles on the manicured grass, and it should bring a lump to any throat.

13. Hilot massage

The traditional Filipino form of massage has spread around the world in recent years but it’s best experienced in the homeland. Hilot means healer in Filipino and practitioners insist there’s a lot more to it than a generic deep-tissue massage — intuitive healing is the much-parroted term. Most of the spas in Manila’s five-star hotels offer hilot.

14. Corregidor

This island guarding the entrance to Manila Bay is best known for its World War II history. This was the last hold-out of US troops in 1942 and General MacArthur’s headquarters is among the most popular sights. Others include the barracks, gun batteries and tunnels but even for those with no interest in military history, the gorgeous views are worth the boat trip.

15. Pagsanjan
Another very popular day trip out of Manila heads to the Pagsanjan River. The canoe rides through the rapids from the Magdapio Falls are the big calling card, although they have almost become too popular for their own good. Expect a tourist-trap feel and a high hassle factor. That said, it is a beautiful spot and is one Vietnam War-film junkies should recognise. Many of the key scenes of Apocalypse Now were filmed here.